Otey Memorial Parish was named St. Paul’s‐on‐the‐Mountain when it was founded in 1870‐71. When the current church building was constructed (1889-91), at the request of Bishop Charles T. Quintard it was made a memorial to James Hervey Otey (1800-1863), first Episcopal Bishop of Tennessee. Bishop Otey devoted almost all of his adult life (the last 32 years as a bishop) to the Episcopal Church in this state and beyond. He was central to the building up and supporting congregations in Tennessee and as far afield as Florida and Oklahoma, traveling very long distances primarily on horseback. He also worked tirelessly for the founding of the educational institutions, including the University of the South. Bishop Otey opposed secession from the Union, yet he held people as slaves and supported the institution of slavery. Some in our parish have expressed that it shouldn't be named for a slaveholder.
This committee doesn't seek to deny of minimize Otey's extraordinary and important accomplishments, nor does it expect him to have met the standards of later times instead of his own. Rather, we are considering whether the current name of our parish identifies it in people's minds with a culture of slaveholding from the past. This committee is engaged in careful discernment by way of learning, listening, and prayer to consider the question and make any recommendations it may have to the Vestry. We invite you to respond by Sunday, October 18 so that we can be aware of your perspective during our deliberations. 
Committee members: Ted Clarkson, Joel Cunningham, Susan Holmes, Deborah Jackson, Karen Keele (chair), Rob Lamborn (staff), Waring McCrady, Shirley Taylor
Do you believe “Otey Memorial” is suitable to continue as the name of this parish congregation? (Please choose one number.)

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