Ministries for Youth and Teens

FOTM December 2019

Invite all your friends! This youth program is open to 6th-12th graders who want to have fun while learning and serving. The teaching and leadership perspective are from an Episcopal perspective; however, students of all faith backgrounds are encouraged to participate. We also need adult volunteers!

       In November, we enjoyed a Sunday outing to Hank’s for pizza and fries. Later in the month we drove to Chattanooga where we ate at Mojo Burrito and helped socialize shelter cats at the Naughty Cat Café. The café provides care and socialization to 30 cats at a time. Their work is especially compelling because they only accept cats that have lived in a shelter for over a year or have special socialization needs that make them hard to adopt. The cats that come to the café are adopted within 10-20 days, because people have the chance to bond with them in a natural way in a very appealing, zen setting. Thanks to Lisa Rung for driving the van, and to Diana, Aiden, Christianna and Elizabeth for helping with the socialization of these cats.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, Dec 14, 10:00am to 12:00pm – Pageant practice and pizza party. Service opportunity – 3 narrators, others to work with children

Sunday, Dec 15, 3:30pm to 5:00pm – Pageant-Service opportunity – 3 narrators, others to work with children

Please let us know what events you can attend, so we’ll have proper expectations, supplies, drivers, etc. Just email Jeannie with “practice” or “pageant” in the subject line.

New youth participants and adult volunteers should check with Jeannie Babb regarding paperwork. Otey Parish and Fire on the Mountain follow diocesan guidelines on Safeguarding God’s Children and background checks for adults working with children.

    Jeannie Babb, Interim Youth Director
















You may contact Jeannie Babb at with any questions.  “Regular” meetings include something fun, something spiritual and food. 



 omething spiritual and food.