Folks At Home

Connecting Community Members with Service Providers


Do you have a skill for sale? Could you refer someone you’ve hired who does great work? Folks at Home (F@H) is always seeking Vendors / Service Providers to add to our Vetted Vendor referral lists. An integral function of F@H is to coordinate access to affordable services. Our goal is to connect community members in need of services with those offering services.
The Vendor completes an application, listing 5 references. F@H vets the Vendor by speaking with each reference. Once the vetting process is complete, the Vendor is added to the F@H Vetted Vendor lists. We coordinate access to services, but the payment is directly between the F@H Member and Vendor hired.
Folks at Home is a membership-based, volunteer driven, not for profit organization “developed for and dedicated to assisting its members in continuing a dignified and comfortable lifestyle in their homes through services they need or require.”
People of all ages are invited to join Folks at Home as Members, Vendors, Volunteers, Donors, and as Advisors, Board, or Committee Members. Your support, questions and suggestions are welcome. For more information, please visit our website.