Care and Personal Support


    A group of people that has been quietly working behind the scenes has come together to form a team. It’s called the Otey Care Team because the work of the team is caring for Otey parishioners and others with needs. Team members are Ann Seiters, representing Stephen Ministries; Kathleen O’Donohue, with Folks at Home; Carol Sampson, who is responsible for Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV’s); and Carol Sampson,Shelley Cammack, and Ann Aitken who arranges for meals to be delivered to parishioners in need. The team meets every few months with the chair of the team, Karen Keele. Outside of meetings, the group keeps in close touch by e-mail. Often when a person is in need of one of our services, other needs are ascertained. Through close team communication those needs can also be met. 

Meals Ministry

 The mission: Through a team of wonderful volunteers, we provide meals to church members in times of need. Who we serve: Otey Memorial Parish families and individuals in times of need, such as:

  • after the birth of a baby.
  • after surgery or hospitalization.
  • during times of crisis.                                    

How it works: The meals ministry coordinator is made aware of a need, either through Father Joe, a direct request for help, or a referral by someone within the church. The coordinator will contact the recipient and set up a meal schedule through a web-based program. Volunteers will be emailed the link to sign up to deliver meals. For more information:  Contact:Carol Sampson at (931) 598-9576 or, Ann Aitken at (931) 598-5641 or ann.aitken@att.nett, or Shelley Cammack at (931) 598-5858 or


Stephen Ministry

    The mission:: To provide one-to-one Christian care to hurting people in and around our congregation.

   How it works: This ministry -- which is often called a “stealth ministry” -- trains and supports lay ministers who provide weekly care to persons experiencing need. Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training before they are assigned a care partner. 

    For more information: Please call the Otey office (931-598-5926).



 Lay Eucharistic Visitor

    This is a very rewarding and blessed ministry because you are entrusted to take the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood and 
administer it with prayers and thanksgiving. You 
also represent the body of Christ as a member of the church as you come to the receiver in the name of Christ. In case you are interested, the liturgy for Communion under Special Circumstances begins on page 397 in the Book of Common Prayer. Anyone who is a communicant of Otey Church can become a Lay Eucharistic Visitor.
    There is training involved with explanation of prayers and responses and of the responsibilities of the ministry. We have two meetings a year; one in January and the other in the early autumn for purposes of fellowship and renewing our gifts as ministers. For more information contact Mary Sears at 931-924-5501.